Everyone can learn how to ski!

Whether you’re 6 or 99 years old , you are welcome at the mountain. There are already more than 1.4 million of skiers and snowboarders in Quebec, the only onemissing is you!

Renting your equipment

To start or get back into skiing, you don’t need to spend a fortune. You can equip yourself from head to toe, without astronomous fees. You just need to know a few tricks.

Rental equipment:
Most ski resorts in Quebec and many outlets offer the possibility of renting quality equipment adapted to your needs for an hour, a day or even the season at a lower cost.

Rental / purchase:
If you plan to rent your equipment for the winter, this is the option for you. Various sport stores rent new equipment for the season and when the season ends, you have two options: return the equipment or buy it.

Equipment loan:
Do you have skiers around you? Arrange with them to borrow their stock. Do not forget to have your bindings adjusted before venturing on the slopes

This is the perfect place to find quality second-hand equipment at low price, for all levels. Professionals will advise you and help you find the pair you need. Find the bazaars near you!

Safety equipment:
For more details on safety equipment, visit our mountain safety page.

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