Where to start?

Where to start?

Everyone can learn how to ski! Here’s where to start.

Here is a summary of things you need to know for your first ski experience to be perfect.

1. Before the mountain
Starting with the basics

Before jumping head first into a ski area, here’s some essential information: 

Skiing is for everyone and every age! Currently, over 1,4 million Québécois practice skiing or snowboarding. 

You will soon be one of them!

There are 75 ski areas in Québec. One of them is surely located near you.

Each ski area offers a service lodge that includes an area to warm up, restauration area and bathrooms.

Each ski area also offers a learning zone at the bottom of the mountain so you can get familiar with the sport.

Choose your ski area

Choose one of the 75 ski areas Québec has to offer. In every one of them, you will find a learning zone and beginner trails. 


 Explore the ski areas
Never Ever Days initiation package

“Never Ever Days” is an initiation package at an advantageous cost, including equipment rental, a ski lesson, and access to the learning zone. The Never Ever Days package will be available in December here. 


A ton of solutions to equip yourself

Renting your equipment is a great way to initiate yourself to ski or snowboard at a lower cost. Besides, you will be assured to wear a gear adapted to your own needs. Know that in the initiation package, your equipment rental and ticket are included. In your favorite ski area, as well as in any other ski area, it is possible to rent any type of equipment for your ski season.

You would like to borrow some equipment from your friend or a family member? In this case, it is essential for you to adjust the binding. A couple of dollars, and almost every ski area can adjust them for you. Thereby, you are free to discover skiing in safety.

 To find many ways to equip yourself at a low cost, click here.


Did you
know ?

Did you know?

Wearing a ski helmet is a voluntary and personal choice, except in the snow park, where it is mandatory. Did you know that helmet had a lifetime? If you want to learn more about the use of a ski helmet,click here.


Understanding the ski language, one step closer to the mountain

Did you know that snowplow, pie slice and pizza slice mean the same thing in the ski universe? Consult the ski glossary for more information!

  • Snowplow (pie slice or pizza slice)

    A basic technique to learn to ski. It is stable and allows the skier to progress safely and slowly getting used to the feeling of sliding.

  • Bindings

    It is an adjustable part that holds safely the boots on the ski.

  • Ski lift

    There are many types of ski lift, from chair lift to a magic carpet, they are all an easy and safe way to go back up the mountain.

  • Snow Park

    It is a defined zone where you can find rails, boxes, and jumps.  

More information

Warm dress code

To make the most of your wintry day, some great advice would be to multilayer, so put on many layers of clothes! If you are hot, take one off and if you are cold add more. 

Did you
know ?

Humidity is the number one enemy of cold weather. The drier your clothes are, the more comfortable you will be. Try avoiding clothes that get wet easily, such as jeans or cotton. Little trick: plan a dry pair of socks and spare mittens. 

First layer

Directly on your skin, it keeps you dry and helps to get rid of humidity and sweat. 


Second layer

It is used for insulating your body against the cold.

Third layer

It is used as a windbreaker and a raincoat. Therefore, these clothes must stop the wind and be water-resistant, but they also have to be permeable to humidity and sweat.

2. Almost there!
Follow the code

The Mountain Code of Conduct establishes some rules so all skiers can contribute to decreasing the risks of injuries. It also applies in the snow park and must be respected by everyone, no matter what sports you are practicing (telemark, snowboard, etc.)

  • 1

    The golden rule: control!

    Stay in control of your speed and the direction you are going. Make sure you can stop at any time and avoid people or obstacles that come in your way. 

  • 2

    Priority to the person before you!

    The person downhill (lower) from you always has priority, so take another path to assure their safety. 

  • 3

    Free the way!

    You can only stop in a trail if people uphill (upper) can clearly see you, don’t obstruct the way. 

  • 4

    At an intersection, the priority goes to the person who’s higher!

    Free the way to people that are higher when you want to enter a new trail by an intersection.

  • 5

    Help the first aid worker!

    If you are involved or a witness in an accident, stay where you are and share your identity with the first aid worker. 

  • 6

    No to crazy equipment!

    At all times, use an appropriate retention system for your equipment. 

  • 7

    No drugs, no alcohol!

    Never use a ski lift or the trails if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

  • 8

    Respect the signage sign!

    Always respect the signage sign and the warnings. Never go off-road or in a closed trail.

How to get there

  • Car

    Going to the ski area is part of the experience. Good music, games for the kids and off you go to the greatest winter destination.

  • Bus

    There are many options for public transport that will allow you to go to the station of your choice, in simplicity and at a lower cost.


    To get to Ski Saint-Bruno with Longueil’s public transportation.


    The Centre de Plein Air Lévis can be accessed by the “L2” line from Lévis’ public transportation.

    Bonjour Nature

    To get to Lanaudière’s ski areas, departing from Montreal.


    For an outdoor vacation of one or many days, at certain Quebec’s and Canada’s ski areas.


    Take time to check if the service is available before planning your departure.


  • Carpool and car rental

    Many carpool platforms are available, for example, Amigo Express or Coivoiturage.ca. It is also possible to rent a car for the day with Communauto.

    Also, certain ski areas can offer carpooling groups, for example, Mount Gleason suggests Facebook carpooling groups.

Arrive in advance

It is recommended to arrive at the mountain preferably 30 minutes before starting your day to be able to get your equipment and your ticket, if needed, and get ready stress free.

3. At the mountain

Get to know the mountain, like a boss

  • 1

    Parking – At the mountain, you will be able to park your car. There will be a place inside the lodge where you can drop off all your things. Warning: Skis, snowboards and ski poles must remain outside. 

  • 2

    Ski schoolRental shop: First stop to get your equipment and meet your ski instructor. 

  • 3

    Learning zone – Specifically designed for beginners, it is here that you will enter the universe of skiing and start to learn. For a great experience, take all the time you need to get familiar with the environment and the basic skills of skiing.  


    Magic carpet- It is a conveyor belt that brings you at the top of the learning zone, safely and slowly.


  • 4

    Ski lodge: ticket office, restaurant, toilets – Everyone is welcome in this area, to warm up, to eat and to use the bathroom. You can get your ticket at the ticket office if you did not book your initiation package online in advance.

  • 5

    Chairlift – This ski lift will safely take you on top of the mountain. It is a chair fixed to a cable that brings you up in the air. Warning: you must follow the rules given by the employee and always lower the safety bar. 

  • 6

    Ski trails – The ski area offers many types of trails. You can look at the trail map located at the mountain peak or at the bottom to help you get around. 

Get to know your skis

Start by putting on your boots, walk around until you feel comfortable. After, put on your skis, one by one, and get familiar with this new sensation of sliding. Follow Gabrielle Fontaine’s instructions in this video. (french only)

Learn to turn

The next step is to turn. You can watch Félix-Antoine Tremblay’s video to learn some tricks. (french only)


First challenge: green trail

Are you confident enough to use the chairlift for your first trail? Chose a green one (beginners). Watch Claudia Marques’s video to help you out. (french only)

Did you
know ?
Did you know?
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Difficult
  • Expert
How to use the chairlift

Getting on the chairlifts is easy. Just make sure you are following the rules and stay vigilant. To know everything about the chairlifts, watch this video. (french only)



Don’t forget to take a break!

It is essential to stop and take time to eat, drink, relax and warm up. Even if it’s not that cold outside, your body needs a few layoffs during the day. Take some time to go to the lodge, kids love a hot chocolate break.

4 Après-ski experience

You can be proud of yourself: you successfully went through your first ski day! Not everybody is comfortable on skis or snowboard for the fisrt time, and you succeeded. You made great memories today and after this experience you can now relax and eat a warm poutine with a cold or heartwarming drink. 

Resting and stretching, safely

Don’t forget to take a short fifteen minutes to stretch after this long day, a great habit that will allow you to keep good memories of your amazing trips at the mountain, without the minor aches.  

  • Focus on your lower muscles, starting with your thighs. During this exercise, try not to arch your back or tighten your butt.

  • Then, try stretching your calves, heel on the floor.

  • All that’s left to stretch are the butt muscles. Lay on the floor on your back, cross one leg over the other. With your hands placed on the back of your thighs, pull gently, and keep this position for about thirty seconds. 


 You liked your experience? 

Plan your next ski trip now… and initiate your family and your friends too!

Share the fun with the Never Ever Days package, starting in December

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