Fall 2021 Update


The ASSQ team monitors and manages the social media it owns on a daily basis, such as the Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

We love discussing topics related to board sports and ski resorts with our subscribers, even as we encourage exchanges between users on our social media.

In order to preserve the quality of exchanges on the web and to ensure a pleasant climate for all, we ask users of our social media to respect a few simple rules, namely to avoid publishing:

  • abusive, defamatory, vulgar, hateful, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist or violent language;
  • threats of any kind;
  • personal attacks and invasions of privacy;
  • off-topic comments, repeated unnecessarily or excessively, which refer to false information or which incite illegal activities;
  • advertising or promotional solicitation content.

Anyone with violent, threatening, or unacceptable comments will be banned from our social networks.

In addition, to prevent your message from being perceived as a cry, avoid writing in capital letters.

We take the liberty of moderating, hiding or deleting messages that do not comply with these rules or that are deemed irrelevant.

Since our communication platforms are not spaces for debate, but rather spaces for respectful and harmonious exchanges, any form of debate considered off-topic will be moderated. We also take the liberty of removing comment sections from our posts.

Know that all your comments and messages are read with interest and our team is committed to responding to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your involvement, and remember that one thing unites us in our social media: the love for skiing and snowboarding!