How to get back into skiing or snowboarding

Winter weather is setting in, the snowflakes are flying, and you catch yourself dreaming of snowy slopes. You’ve let your skis gather dust for a few years, but you’re feeling that irrepressible urge to glide over fresh snow again. Time to swap your slippers for ski boots and rediscover the thrill of the descent!

The typical returnee

People returning to the sport are often avid skiers or riders who, for one reason or another, put their equipment away for several years. School, work, family, or other commitments took over, relegating the joys of the sport to the back burner. Yet the call of the mountains and the yearning for the slopes never went away.

Picture yourself. There you are, staring at your old skis in the garage, smiling nostalgically at the memory of those epic runs and mountain adventures. But something is holding you back. And what’s that, you say? You know—those little inner voices whispering that you’re not in such great shape anymore, that you may not be up to the challenge, that you’re too rusty, and that on top of all that, skiing is expensive, right?


1. Fear of not being up to it 

Let’s get one thing straight right away: skiing is about fun, not Olympic performance. So forget your fears of not being up to it. The best way to improve is to get back out there! Start by getting a feel for things again in the learning area or by treating yourself to a refresher lesson. Reconnect with the sensation of movement and snow beneath your feet. The mountain reminds you that the real challenge is to have fun.

2. Injury worries as you age

You’re not young forever, of course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy skiing. Warm up before hitting the trails, go at a pace that works for you, and don’t be afraid to take breaks. The key is to ski smart and not overdo it. You’ll see—your joints will thank you.

3. Loss of technique

Skiing is like riding a bike—you never forget how to do it! Get back into the swing of things with some practice runs in the learning areas. Go slowly at first as you refresh your turning and sideslipping reflexes. Green runs are ideal for easing back into things. And if you want to hone your technique, why not take a lesson? An instructor can guide you back to being the great skier you once were.

4. Too expensive? Think again!

Don’t let money put the brakes on what you love! You have options. There are a number of affordable options available to get you onto the slopes without blowing your budget.

Get the Ski Passe-Partout

The Ski Passe-Partout opens the door to a mountain of savings and benefits. With five 30% discounts at each of Québec’s ski resorts, it’s your passport to low-cost fun. As an added bonus, your purchase helps more than 30,000 kids get their first taste of skiing free of charge through introductory programs offered by Association des stations de ski du Québec. It’s a great way to give back while you get some great runs in!

Check out ski resort offers

Save on lift tickets by purchasing ticket booklets, season passes, or advance tickets on ski resort websites.

Rent equipment for the season

If you want to get back into skiing or snowboarding, but your gear is too old, consider renting for the season. Many ski resorts and specialized shops offer seasonal rental options.

So you see, the mountains are just waiting for you. Give it a go and get back at it, ride with a smile, and reconnect with the thrill of the descent. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skier, there are magical moments in store. Time to shut down those inner voices, grab your gear, and make your triumphant return to the snowy peaks this season. See you on the slopes!


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