The Quebec Ski Areas Association is breaking new ground by adding direct lift access to all MySnow product holders at near 15 ski areas for the upcoming season.

This new system will offer you an even more pleasant experience and get you on the slopes faster!

This new feature will be available from January 2024, in near 15 ski areas.

The Association’s IT team, participating ski areas and our partners Axess and Leeroy, have been working tirelessly over the summer to deliver this new service as quickly as possible! Based on the programming schedule and resort tests, we expect to deliver the direct lift access service by early January 2024.

Until then, our financing products can be used in the same way as in previous seasons. You buy or book your ski ticket on the MySnow online store and show your barcode at the resort ticket office to get your day or evening lift ticket for some mountain fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is RFID technology?

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology used in many industries, including skiing. It enables information to be sent and received via radio waves. In the ski industry, RFID can be used to identify you at the lift gates, eliminating the need to go to the resort ticket office. Each card is fitted with a microchip that stores certain information, including the type of ticket purchased. For the first phase of the project, only resorts using an Axess RFID system will be included.

Quels sont les changements avec ce nouvel accès direct aux remontées mécaniques?
  1. Starting in January, all MySnow product holders will no longer have to validate their barcode at the participating resort ticket office.
  2. You will be able to load ski tickets purchased on the MySnow online store directly onto your MySnow RFID card.
  3. A single MySnow RFID card for all participating ski areas
How do I get an RFID MySnow card?

With every purchase of a MySnow product until November 30, 2023, you will receive a free MySnow RFID card by mail. It is important to verify and confirm your delivery address when purchasing your MySnow product to receive your card at the right location.

After November 30, or in case of loss, you can order a new card for $7 via the product page, which will be available soon.

The first mass mailing will take place in mid-December. For purchases after mid-December, please allow 10 working days for your  MySnow RFID card to be mailed to you.

If you lose your card, you’ll have to buy a new one from the MySnow online store for $7.

How do I link the MySnow RFID card to my account?

The first mass mailing will take place in mid-December. For purchases after mid-December, please allow 10 working days for your MySnow RFID card to be mailed to you. Once the MySnow RFID card has been delivered to your home, all you need to do is log in your MySnow online store account and register your card to your skier profile.


Where do I put my MySnow RFID card when I’m skiing at a ski area?

Make sure you store your MySnow RFID card in your coat pocket (ideally on the left-hand side), away from any other RFID cards or cell phones, as these may block the waves from your card and prevent the lift gate from identifying you, thus denying you passage.

How does it work in the ski area?

Once you have registered your MySnow RFID card number and linked it in your skier profile, all tickets purchased from the MySnow online store will automatically be registered. However, only participating ski areas with RFID technology will allow you to go directly to the lifts without having to go to the ticket counter.

For all other resorts, you can validate your ticket by going to the ticket office to scan your barcode (My tickets section in your account) and retrieve your ski ticket.

What should I do if I have problems accessing the lift?

If the lift access gate doesn’t open, step out of the queue and verify the following:

  • Is your ticket for the right date (My tickets section in your account)?
  • Is your ticket for the right time slot? Tickets have different valid time slots for day and evening skiing. These times vary for each resort, so make sure you’re in the right time slot, or you’ll be turned away.
  • Is your ticket valid for this ski area?
  • Is your MySnow RFID card registered to your skier profile?
  • Do you have another resort card in your pocket that could interfere with your ticket?

Once this checklist has been verified, at all ski areas you still have the option  to validate your ticket at the counter by showing the ticket barcode from the My Tickets section in your MySnow account. 

If the ticket barcode still doesn’t work, contact MySnow customer service and our agents will be happy to solve the problem.

MySnow online store’s customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Contact us at [email protected]

Forgot your MySnow RFID card or you haven't received it yet?

If you don’t have your MySnow RFID card with you, the resort can provide an RFID card for a fee or in a refundable deposit format.

Can I lend my MySnow RFID card to a friend?

No, the rules for using your Ski Passe-Partout and Provincial Pass remain the same. The product purchased is valid only for its holder. Lending the card to another person will not be tolerated and constitutes fraud within the law.

Which ski areas will accept the MySnow RFID card?

The participating ski areas are these ones:

Participating ski areas

For any information request...

contact MySnow store at [email protected].

Have a nice ski season!