Safety on the Slopes


First, review mountain safety rules

Whether you ski alone, as a couple, or with friends or school group, be sure to review the safety rules so you’ll have fun on every run.

Code of conduct

The Mountain Code of Conduct is there to help make the mountain fun for all and reduce the risk of injury.

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Ski Lifts

Get familiar with how to safely use the lifts.

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Safety Equipment

Comfort and safety are often the main things to look for when buying gear. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

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Alcohol and Drug Prevention

Remember, L’après-ski is for after you ski. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on slopes because they impair your abilities and reflexes.

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Do you know your snowpark code?

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Mountain Signage

Do you know how to properly understand most of the signs you see in the mountains?

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Ski Lesson

The best way to get started and have fun in complete safety!

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Closed trails

Why shouldn’t you go on closed trails?

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Before you hit the slopes, remember that safety is everyone’s business!
As a skier, you need to be sure you’re also a good sport. So play fair, respect the mountain, and make sure you know the rules.

Think you’ve mastered them? Read on and make sure all your friends are safe on the slopes!

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