What do the signs on the mountain mean?

In ski resorts, a number of tools and signs are used to inform skiers and snowboarders of the various elements to be taken into account during a day’s skiing. These may be signs to identify the slopes, signs to indicate a danger or a prohibition… Let’s take a look at the main signs found in ski resorts.

Please note: there are many different types of sign. Here are just a few of the most common.

What type of trails should I use?

Trail signages are important. Trail signs will tell you the name of the trail, the degree of difficulty and sometimes the trail number.


What about special trails?

Trails can have a variety of mechanically-worked surfaces. Most are groomed to smooth the snow and make the trail flow smoothly. Others are worked to give the snow a variety of shapes: moguls, snow parks, profiled grooming, etc. And finally, some are left in their natural state with several trees: these are the glades.

How are hazards marked on the trail?

There are several signs to indicate the hazards present on the trail. These are usually yellow or orange.

What other signs need your attention?

Signs indicating prohibitions and obligations are among the most important.

Did you know that...?

According to the Mountain Code of Conduct, skiers and snowboarders must respect the signs in place and remain responsible for avoiding all obstacles, including those not identified by the ski area.