The answers to your questions!

The answers to your questions!

1. Ski Passe-Partout

What is the Ski Passe-Partout?

See the terms and conditions of the product by clicking here.

Where can we buy the Ski Passe-Partout?

The Ski Passe-Partout 2021-2022 is now on sale exclusively on mysnow store!

Before being able to start using their Ski Passe-Partout, the customer must first:

  1. Create a customer account, add the Ski Passe-Partout to the cart and pay
  2. You will then need to upload a photo to your profile. Note that once at the ski area, the customer may be required to provide a photo identification to retrieve their ski ticket
  1. Once these steps are completed, they will receive a barcode in the “mysnow products” section of the customer account. This code replaces the Ski Passe-Partout card that existed in the past.
  2. The barcode is used to purchase ski tickets via the mysnow store platform or at the ski area.

How to buy a Ski Passe-Partout to give it as a gift?

When purchasing the Ski Passe-Partout, you will be asked if you want to assign it to a skier (existing or create a new one) in your account or send it as a gift by email : to do so, you need to check the box “I will assign a skier later”.. You can send it immediately by email or leave it pending in your account to send it later.

The person who will receive the Ski Passe-Partout by email will have to create his own account and add his information and his photo.

How to send a Ski Passe-Partout as a gift:

  1. Log in to your customer account
  2. Click on your name at the top of the menu
  3. Select “My products” from the left menu.
  4. You will see a Ski Passe-Partout with a clickable « send to a friend » link
  5. By clicking, a menu will appear, allowing you to assign it to someone who exists in your account (you can create skiers via the “skier profile” menu) or send this Ski Passe-Partout by email.

The discounts apply on which type of ticket?

  • to the regular displayed price at the ski area or online at
  • to all categories of tickets (child, student, adult, senior, etc.)
  • to one full day or evening ticket only.

Who can use my Ski Passe-Partout? Can I purchase two ski tickets with one Ski Passe-Partout code and get a discount on both tickets?

The Ski Passe-Partout allows only its owner to use discounts ; one per day/evening on a single ticket, and the ski ticket obtained is non-transferable. The owner might have to show a picture ID to be identified when retrieving a ski ticket at the ski area.

Can the Ski Passe-Partout discount be combine with other promotions?

The Ski Passe-Partout discounts cannot be combine with any other maneige products (ex. Boni20, Snow Pass) nor any discount or promotion from the ski area.

Is there any blackout dates on Ski Passe-Partout during Christmas holidays or school brake?

Ski Passe-Partout discounts are applicable 7 days a week, even on very busy days (days in yellow in the calendar). However, although lightening of sanitary measures have been announced for the use of ski lifts, ski areas still have site capacity management to handle, particularly for indoor lodges. So, normality is not yet there. This is why, for certain dates, a certain number of Ski Passe-Partout per day, per ski area will be accepted. The limit of tickets available for these dates have been adjusted according to the new sanitary measures. The situation could change during the season.

Can we register all family members in the same account?

Sure. But first, make sure that all family members who already had an account on the mysnow store delete their old account to “free” their email address. An address can only exist once in the system.

  1. Connect to mysnow store
  2. Click on your profile (avatar)
  3. Click “Account Settings” and at the bottom of the page “Delete my account”.
  4. The email address will be available to assign it a Ski Passe-Partout in your family account. You can create as many skiers as you want in the “Skier profiles” section.

My friend does not receive the Ski Passe-Partout I sent as a gift?

  1. Log in to your customer account on
  2. Click on your name (avatar) at the top of the menu
  3. Then “Mysnow products” in the left menu.
  4. You’ll see in the first tab your Ski Passe-Partout. Click on the second tab ” Sent products “
  5. From there you’ll see the Ski Passe-Partout you sent as a gift.
    1. Make sure there is no typo in the email address you are using (if this is the correct address, the email could be in junk mail).
    2. To return the invitation again, click the X next to their email. The SPP will become available again in your starting tab.
  6. Click on “send to a friend” By clicking a menu will appear, allowing you to send it by email again.

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2. Customer account

How do I access my customer account?

Click on “Login”

If your mysnow product is registered in another person’s customer account, you absolutely must log in with the main email address of the account, i.e. the address of this person. Although each skier has an email address in their profile, you cannot log in with it, you must rather go through the main address and the password in order to reserve your tickets.


Where can I retrieve my tickets on my phone?

  1. Click on the two small lines in the upper right corner
  2. Click on the avatar with your name
  3. Click on Contact Information
  4. In the menu – My tickets : Your tickets are there.



Where can I check my stats for the season ?

You can consult the history of visits and the balance of discounts via the platform in the “Statistics” section of your customer account.


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3. Book a visit

Ski tickets booking should begin in the November 29 week.

To consult sales policy : click here.

How long in advance do I have to book a ski ticket?

Customers can book until the day of the visit, subject to availability.

Planning will be the key this season. Some ski areas might me sold out on certain dates, but with more than 70 ski areas, you’ll always find somewhere to ski.

How to book a visit with a maneige product?

The plastic cards have been replaced by a bar-code. It can be found in the section “My products” of your mysnow store account. There’s two ways to buy tickets:

  1. On mysnow store, once your account has been activated, you have automatically access to your mysnow products in the “Choose your ski ticket” drop-down menu. Pre-booking is the preferred method this season to ensure that you have tickets available before you travel to the ski area.
  2. Only in ski areas that do not require advance booking, you can present the barcode of your mysnow product when you get to the ticket office. It can be found in the “my products” section of your customer account.

Step by step to book a ticket:

  1. Go to, log in and click on “Book my visit”
  2. Choose the type of ticket (mysnow product or regular ticket)
  3. Select the ski area and date to start your search
  4. Choose a ticket, the % discount to be applied (if Ski Passe-Partout), and add it to the cart
  5. Confirm and Pay (Ski Passe-Partout) or Confirm and book (Passe-Provinciale)
  6. Your ski ticket barcode will appear in the “My tickets” section of your customer account
  7. When you get to the ski area, present your barcode at the ticket booth to retrieve your day ticket.


Booking a ticket with a Ski Passe-Partout


Booking a regular ticket without mysnow product

Some ski areas offer an inventory of tickets on the mysnow store. As the season progresses, other stations will be added.


Why is the day’s rate shown on the ski area’s website and the mysnow ticketing system are not the same?

The Ski Passe-Partout discounts are applicable on the regular rate established by the ski areas. This rate is displayed on mysnow store and does not fluctuate throughout the season. Discounts cannot be combined with any other form of promotion such as preferential online rates, early season prices or any other form of discount. The customer has the choice to purchase a ticket from the ski area at the daily promotional rate or to apply his or her Ski Passe-Partout discount on the regular fare via Boutique Maneige.

Is it possible to book more than one ticket at the time?

You can book a maximum of 8 ski tickets per transaction.

Each skier in your account (Ski Passe-Partout, Provincial-Pass*, Mobilski) can have up to 10 active booking at the time. Each time one booking is used, a new date can be added in the account.

*We count on your full cooperation to cancel in advance a booking that you do not plan on using anymore, to leave the place to another skier.


Is it possible to change or cancel a ticket bought in advance?

All ski tickets purchased on boutique maneige is a final sale. It cannot be cancelled, transferred or re-sold.

Booking can be move to a later date at the same ski area (subject to availability) if done before 23:59 the day before your visit.

Go to and log in.

  1. Click on your avatar with your first name next to it.
  2. Click on “My tickets”, you will see on the screen the list of your purchased tickets. Click on the date of the ticket you wish to modify.
  3. When you open the barcode of a ticket you will see a link “modify my booking”. Choose the new date you want and press Go. If the change does not work, the ski area has already sold out their tickets for the date. Choose a new date.


Using a mysnow gift card

Although mysnow gift cards are no longer available for purchase, all cards in circulation that still have a balance remain valid. In order to use your card:

  1. Make sure you have registered it in your mysnow account beforehand by going to the bottom banner of the store and clicking on “Le ski en cadeau”.
  2. Once this is done, you will find a barcode in the “My products” section of your mysnow account.
  3. The purchase of ski tickets with a gift card is not available on the shop, you must make your transaction directly at the ticket office of the participating ski areas, by presenting your barcode.

The use of a mysnow gift card cannot be combined with the Ski Passe-Partout discount but only for the purchase of a regular ticket.


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4. Grade 4 and 5 Snowpass

Kids in grades 4 and 5 can ski 2 times at each of the 125 participating ski areas across Canada, for just $29.99. Some ski areas have blackout periods, most ski areas requires a paying adult to accompany the SnowPass holder.

All details are available at

Customer service for Snowpass: [email protected]

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5. COVID-19

For all information concerning sanitary measures, the visitor’s guide and the guaranteed season policy, click here.

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