2021-2022 Season

2021-2022 Season

The ski areas welcome winter sports enthusiats in complete security.

1. Update

The information has been updated on January 6, 2022.

 Take the time to read the Sanitary measures table for the upcoming ski season.

For more information, visit quebec.ca.


Ski well, be well!

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2. Visitor's guide

Before your visit

It is strongly recommended that you take time to get the right information about the sanitary measures at your ski area.

Basic guidelines

Here are the basic guidelines applicable this winter when visiting a ski area:

  • People with COVID symptoms will be asked to stay home;
  • Vaccine passport is required for the use of ski lifts and access to day lodge services.
  • Lodge should be used a shelter to warm up and access to the toilets only.
  • Restaurants, bars and lunch areas are closed. Takeout only and consumption outside.
  • For lift lines and ski lifts, it is recommended to wear a neck warmer or balaclava covering the nose and mouth outdoors for all visitors aged 3 and over, including during a ski lesson;
  • Wearing a face covering indoors and in enclosed carriers such as gondolas;
  • Physical distancing is required;
  • Frequent hand washing.

Skiers and snowboarders are invited to visit ski areas websites to find out the procedure for validating their proof of vaccination as well as other information for the coming season.


Frequently asked questions

Q: When will the vaccine passport be required in ski resorts?

A: As soon as the ski areas open for the ski season.


Q: For what type of visitors will it apply?

A: All users of the ski lifts and for access to certain services in the ski lodges, for people aged 13 and over.


Q: How will the vaccine passport be validated?

A: Each ski area is configured differently and it will be up to each of them to determine the best way to validate the vaccine passport. This can be done upon arrival at the parking lot, when purchasing a daily ski ticket, in the food court or when collecting your season pass.


Q: Why do I need a vaccine passport if I am outside?

A: In the ski lifts, because of the frequent and prolonged contact and the lack of distancing.


Q: Will employees have to show their vaccine passport?

A: Employees, as part of their duties, are not subject to validation of the vaccine passport, according to CNESST rules. It is recommended that employers designate an area for breaks and meals. In this regard, here is a reminder of the issue of employee vaccination, taken from the CNESST website:

Can an employer require a worker to be vaccinated


Q : Can I get a refund if I am not vaccinated?

A: Yes, your membership purchase can be refunded or carried over to the next year if you have not used it. The deadline for the refund or deferral is communicated by the ski resort.


Q: How will season passes be validated? 

A: It is the responsibility of the operator to take the necessary steps to verify the protection status of persons wishing to use the ski lifts and areas subject to the vaccine passport. It will be possible to record proof of vaccination in a customer file once and keep it in the customer information database until the right of access/end of season pass expires.


Q: Are alpine touring, snowshoeing, fat biking and cross-country skiing subject to this?

A: No, as long as the visitor does not use the lifts or certain services in the ski chalets.


Q: What type of lift is subject to the vaccine passport?

A : All ski lifts including surface lifts (magic carpet).


Q: Can I eat my lunch in the cafeteria?

A: No, restaurants, bars and lunch areas are closed. Takeout meals only can be sold at the ski area, and eaten outside. Same thing for your lunch: you are allowed to bring your lunch and eat it outside only.


Q: Can I eat my lunch outside?

A: Yes, except in covered areas (e.g. shelters, containers, marquees).


Q: Can I use the toilets or warm up inside?

A: Yes, the lodges can be used as a shelter only, with limited access time.


Q: I am a parent who has not been vaccinated, can I accompany my child under the age of 13 to his or her ski lesson? 

A: It all depends on the policy in effect at the ski resort. If validated at the parking lot, for example, it will not be possible.


Q : I am a resident of another province or country, can I ski in Quebec?

A: Yes, non-Quebec residents travelling in Quebec can go to the places and activities covered by the use of the vaccine passport if they present the following two documents at the entrance:

  • Valid photo identification with an address outside Quebec;
  • Proof of official vaccination against COVID-19 provided by their Canadian country or province.

Here is an example of the Ontario and USA proof of vaccination.

Q: Can I participate in a ski competition if I am not vaccinated?

A: No, for those 13 years of age and older.  Yes, for younger children.


Q: What happens to a person who changes age during the season, i.e. 12 at the beginning and 13 afterwards?

A: The vaccine passport applies to teenagers from the age of 13. However, since last June, the COVID vaccine has been available for 12-year-olds. The Public Health therefore believes that 12-year-olds have had sufficient time to comply. Consequently, the vaccination passport will be required as soon as the child turns 13.


Q: Are there any exceptions to the application of the vaccine passport?

A: Only the following contraindications justify the issue of a valid QR code (green colour). These contraindications must be certified by a doctor or a specialized nurse:

  • An allergy confirmed by a health professional to all COVID-19 vaccines available in Quebec (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Covishield).
  • Myocarditis or pericarditis following a dose of a COVID-19 messenger RNA vaccine.

All other clinical situations do not justify an exemption from the vaccine passport.


Q: How can I get my vaccine passport?

A: Visit Quebec.ca


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3. "Guaranteed season" policy

Due to COVID-19, the Association has made recommendations to Quebec ski resorts about their season pass. Here in a few lines are the purchasing rules:

“Guaranteed season”: In the majority of the ski areas, it is offered free of charge with any season pass purchase, customers may choose to defer their season pass to season 22-23 no later than xx (consult your resort) if the operating conditions for the next season do not suit them or request a full refund under the applicable rules of the Office de la protection du consommateur. * The customer must not have started using his subscription to take advantage of the guarantee.

Temporary or permanent interruption by government decree: In the event that the ski resort is forced to interrupt or permanently suspend its season due to a government decree, a compensation process will be initiated and this, only at the end of the season. The credit or reimbursement will be calculated in proportion to the number of days of operation offered compared to the number of days of operation that the resort could have offered, taking into account, among other things, the weather conditions or calculated according to the number of days of use of the pass (in the case where the resort has a control system – scan/RFID). See the terms and conditions of the subscription of your choice for more details.

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