2020-2021 Season

2020-2021 Season

Québec ski resorts in preparation mode for the next season!

1. Update

Although the summer season continues with excellent weather for practicing outdoor activities, ski and snowboard enthusiasts are eager for the next ski season and are wondering if Québec resorts will be able to welcome them on their snowy slopes this coming season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be noted that several ski resorts greeted visitors this summer, in full compliance with health measures issued by the Québec Public Health Association. Fans were able to return to their favourite playgrounds for hiking, mountain biking, water park swimming, setting off on aerial courses and a multitude of other outdoor activities.

On the strength of their experience, Québec ski resorts are working hard to prepare for the coming ski season. Confident that authorities will allow for the reopening of ski resorts with the arrival of the first snows, the province’s resorts are currently developing health measure plans that would allow them to operate their center and welcome visitors in full compliance with public health requirements.

Just as habits have evolved in all aspects of our daily lives, the next sliding season will also be one of change and adaptation. Indeed, the resort experience, visitor supervision, and the use of services and common areas will undoubtedly undergo transformations. Under these new circumstances, the ski resorts will call upon the collaboration of the entire skier community. An information campaign branded “Ski well, be well” will be deployed in a timely manner to allow snow sports enthusiasts to familiarize themselves with the new conditions for skiing and snowboarding for the next season as planned with the public health authorities.

Stay tuned for more details!

2. "Guaranteed season" policy

It’s already time to plan your winter season! The season pass pre-sale period has begun. In order to reassure customers who wish to purchase a season pass despite the uncertainty and the unknown surrounding the health measures to be put in place due to COVID-19, the Association has made recommendations to Quebec ski resorts. Here in a few lines are the purchasing rules:

“Guaranteed season”: Offered free of charge with any season pass purchase, customers may choose to defer their season pass to season 21-22 no later than xx (consult your resort) if the operating conditions for the next season do not suit them or request a full refund under the applicable rules of the Office de la protection du consommateur. * The customer must not have started using his subscription to take advantage of the guarantee.

Temporary or permanent interruption by government decree: In the event that the ski resort is forced to interrupt or permanently suspend its season due to a government decree, a compensation process will be initiated and this, only at the end of the season. The credit or reimbursement will be calculated in proportion to the number of days of operation offered compared to the number of days of operation that the resort could have offered, taking into account, among other things, the weather conditions or calculated according to the number of days of use of the pass (in the case where the resort has a control system – scan/RFID). See the terms and conditions of the subscription of your choice for more details.