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Tribute to Germain Barrette

«Skiing is privileged to have a leader like Germain»

Ken Read and others comment on the price Réal-Boulanger

Text by Mario Brisebois, ski columnist and sports journalist


I first knew Germain Barrette via his supporters in his native Matapédia, Gaspésie. I do not really care if it was at a Canadian championship or a Pontiac or NorAm final, but I remember as if it were yesterday that two young journalists, the late Albert Ladouceur then from Montreal-Matin and myself, Mario Brisebois, of the Journal de Montreal, had received a list of long names like a pair of downhill skis or almost. Proud of their Germain, the people of Causapscal were united to sign and send a letter of encouragement and as it was well before the days of emails obviously, we were asked to give it to their snow hero before his race . Inspired by a popular song of the time, the testimonial titled “Leave no potatoes, Germain!” Was written in large letters at the top of the page.


The proof that the message went very well and was especially well understood by the «Gaspésien Volant» is that the QSSA is awarding its Réal-Boulanger recognition award to Germain Barrette for all of her accomplishments and her passion.


Skier first and then coach at the World Cup, in both cases his involvement has never stopped and still continues forty years later as technical delegate to the international and operations management as at the Park. Mont-Comi presently and at the head of the Val d’Irène Regional Park for many years before.



It is known that there is nothing better than a great champion to recognize one and enjoy another. It is with this premise that we have joined Ken Read, five times winner at the White Circus, including the famous Hahnenkamm Kitzbühel and Lauberhorn Wengen a week apart in 1980.

The former Crazy Canuck has been a two-time Olympian, Chief Executive Officer at Ski Canada and currently sits on the International Federation’s board to this day. If he describes such several other Germain Barrettes as a man of great deeds but few words, Read has a lot of very kind words about him.


Let’s start with the competitor and coach at the personal level and its collective impact. “Germain was a determined athlete who first earned his place at Ski Canada via the technical events with an affinity for speed, which would subsequently allow him to join the Canadian downhill team while later serving skiing in the country. he was able to share his knowledge with others as a coach. You know, they are few who have the talent to excel at the highest level in all ski disciplines, “he says.


This one is not less impressed by the involvement of our «hommagé» which never stopped and even less slowed down. Whether as a technical delegate to the FIS or a mountain manager afterwards, Germain has always continued to serve skiing, which is considerable over a period of four decades, “says Read of his former team-mate.


Among the tributes from here, Claude H. DuMontier, becomes a must have been the first coach of Germain Barrette to the Quebec team. “When he arrived from his station at Le Petit Chamonix, Germain was already a good fellow. He had to. Gaspésie was still far away for competitions. In addition to long distances, he had to show a strong strength of character to make his place. What is admirable about Germain is that he never stopped believing in the effort “, mentions DuMontier.


One of the highlights of Germain’s career is his appointment as FIS World Championship Manager in Val d’Isère in 2009. He was the boss of the event. Among other things, he had to decide whether the ski conditions were adequate and could allow the athletes to take part in the various events. He has done a good job so nicknamed Germain “Monsieur le Maire” in Val D’Isère, not bad for a little guy from Gaspésie !


Ex-president of Ski Québec where he sits as director now, Michel Marcoux is a colleague of Germain Barrette at the FIS like DuMontier. « In addition to the World Cups over the years, remember that Germain was chosen technical delegate at the world championships in Val d’Isereenant », he specifies entry.


In addition to competence, Marcoux is no less admiring of human values. « Germain is of immense generosity. He is also without ceremonies. Its effectiveness goes by its frank talk. He does not have the style to impose himself despite his vast knowledge, but to be always sure of getting the right time, he is certainly the man to contact», he adds.



President ex officio of Ski Canada, Danny Minogue is a former teammate of Germain Barrette. «Germain did not have the most orthodox style, but he excelled in the lap times thanks to his exceptional touch on the snow that his brother André had taught him, “he reveals..

The links exceeded the slopes. “Because Gaspésie is not at the door, Germain often stayed with my parents in Montreal. Tabarnouche, I have had enough!, he said all the time in his surprise and wonder to discover everything that was happening in the big city compared to his campaign, “he recalls.


Undoubtedly, the decision of the QSSA to award the Réal-Boulanger Prize to Germain Barrette for all of his work is unanimous. The series of praise could easily be lengthened. « May I make an admission: I consider it a great honor that you thought of my name for this homage of Germain. Making a career of 40 years or more in skiing in Quebec and elsewhere is huge, but there is more. Germain is a real person as we meet little », to comment on Danny Minogue.


Let’s go back to Ken Read to conclude. « If Germain is a man of few words, there are also great actions when you think about the energy and time spent skiing for 40 years. We are all privileged in our sport to count Germain as a leader ».


As all Causapscal had once wished him, Germain Barrette never let go … the potato.