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Saint-Sauveur, March 27, 2017 – It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that the Sommets Group plans to invest 2 million over the coming months, in order to enhance the mountain offer offered to all our visitors during the 2017 summer season. and ski season 2017-2018 at the Saint-Sauveur Summit and the Avila slope.

Expansion of the Saint-Sauveur Summit pavilion.

Expansion of the Saint-Sauveur Summit pavilion.
Expansion projects for the main pavilion would begin in the coming months, increasing the number of seats on the side of the large cafeteria. This project would make it possible to enlarge the area dedicated to the equipment rental department located on the ground floor and improve traffic flow and customer flow. In addition, members of the station could find a large amount of lockers dedicated to them.

The snow system; more snow, earlier.

The next fall, the mountain would put on its white robe earlier in the season and spread it over a wider area. Still betting on our state-of-the-art snowmaking system, we are excited to bring it to the next level in efficiency and power soon. We hope that the ski terrain will come to life much sooner next autumn! Widening tracks The Pronto and 67 runs will be visited by heavy machinery in order to expand their route, to the delight of our faithful skiers.

A big thrill for the children’s island.

Great news for the little ones! We are pleased to announce that the Children’s Island at the Summit of the Saint-Sauveur Water Park will be hosting a brand new activity next summer: Frisson! This new Blizzard slide will add a small chill of challenge to Toddlers Day.

Tube slips.

New winter tents (called yurts) will welcome visitors to Avila Slope Tube Slips next year. Confident that these major investment projects will delight visitors to the resort, summer and winter, we invite you to spread the good news. By the beginning of the work, we thank you for the beautiful ski season 2016-2017 in progress and that will last until May 14th!

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