🏂The learning area: Where it all begins

More than 1.6 million Quebecers share a passion for skiing. And guess what? Whether you’re a fearless 6-year-old or a 72-year-old thrill seeker, the mountain enthusiastically welcomes you to discover the magic of winter sports. The learning area is where beginners can dive right in and enjoy a safe and unforgettable experience.

⛷️The learning area: A playground for one and all

The learning area is a skiing playground for beginners of all ages. Its gentle slope is perfect for getting a feel for the sport. Beginners can practice in a safe, designated space where the terrain naturally controls speed and turns. Innovative grading calms first-time jitters and worries about how to come to a stop. 

A special feature that’s a total game changer: the magic carpet. Also known as a conveyor belt, it carries new skiers to the top of the learning area. With your skis on, just sit back and enjoy a smooth ride—almost like magic! This is where your adventure on the slopes begins. Want to learn more? Click here.

🎿First steps: Easy as ABC

The learning area is designed especially for beginners taking their first steps on skis or snowboards. Seasoned instructors guide novices through the basics, from stops to turns, ensuring all goes well.

🌟Pro tip: Trails just for you! 

Look for the green trails—they’re tailored to your level and will help keep you safe during your first visits to the mountain.

🎿Never Ever Days: Your passport to the world of skiing

Before venturing into the unknown, make sure your first time is memorable with the Never Ever Days package. For only $29.95 + tax, participating resorts welcome people of all ages to take their first steps on the slopes. Whether you come solo or with family, friends, or a special someone, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover the joy of skiing or snowboarding. The package includes a minimum 60-minute group lesson, equipment rental with helmet, access to the learning area after the lesson, and more.

After this amazing introduction, your second visit is free, including equipment rental and access to the learning area. A golden opportunity to hone your new skills!

🏂Gabrielle Fontaine: First time’s a charm 

My first day of skiing was incredible! At age 26, it really was my first time putting on ski boots, holding ski poles, and heading down the snowy slopes. Although I felt a bit nervous, the reassuring presence of my instructor, Diane, made all the difference. Her expert guidance turned my apprehension into confidence and pure fun. After a memorable day, I can’t wait to go back tomorrow for more adventures on the slopes. Skiing has captured my heart, and I’m ready to embrace future challenges on the snow!

To wrap up, there’s no age limit for discovering a passion for skiing. The mountain awaits, with its friendly learning area and perfect setup for beginners. So head to mysnow.ski to book your Never Ever Days package and join the family of winter sports lovers. It’s your turn!

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